Towson High School

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How can I, as a parent, volunteer at Towson?


    There are many ways to get involved.  Towson has many boosters’ organizations – Theater, Sports, Music and Art.  The contact information for each is below:

                    Music Boosters – [email protected]

                    PTSA – Jennifer Fryer, [email protected]  

                    Sports Boosters – [email protected]

                    Theatre Boosters – [email protected]

                    Towson Art Parents Association –  [email protected]

    We encourage you to volunteer with several events with our different organizations.  Please visit the BCPS website for additional information on volunteer training: https://www.bcps.org/community/volunteer_info/



  2. If I drive my child to school – where should I drop them off?


    In the morning, we recommend that you drop your child off using the Cedar Avenue entrance. Take Hillside Avenue to Cedar, make a left onto Cedar (please note: Do not enter the teacher parking lot) and drop your child off at the top of the stairs.  The Aigburth entrance is dedicated to bus riders.  If you choose that route, you must drop off on Aigburth Avenue due to bus traffic.



  3. What are the office hours and procedures after school?


    Our office hours are from 7:15am to 3:15pm.  Additionally, at the end of the school day, you should only pick your child up using the Cedar Avenue entrance.  The library is available afterschool until 3:00pm.  Students should be outside after 2:15pm, unless under the direct supervision of an adult (teacher or coach).



  4. What if I need to pick my child up early?


    The best method for early dismissals would be to send your child in with a note in the morning, they will bring it to the main office before school starts and return to the main office during homeroom to pick-up their pass.  As a parent, you do not need to come into the school if you have already sent in a note, you can pick your child up outside.  In the event that an emergency arises and your child is not aware of an early dismissal, you must come into the school with your state issued photo ID and check in with the main office.  Your child will then be called from class.



  5. I wanted to bring my child a surprise lunch, balloons and or cupcakes can I do that?


    No, unfortunately we don’t allow deliveries of outside products during the school day.  If your child forgets their lunch, book, gym uniform etc.. and you need to bring something to school, please bring it to the main office with your child’s name clearly marked and the front office will call your child at a convenient time to retrieve the item(s).



  6. My child and I need help solving a problem, where should we go?


    Start by having your child contact the teacher directly.  If the problem continues to persist, as a parent, please contact the teacher and/or counselor.  If additional support is needed, please contact the department chair of the content.  If there is additional need, please contact the Assistant Principal (assignment by last name).  If the problem still remains, contact the principal. 



  7. What supports are available after school?


Many teachers are available before and after school.  Your child should contact their teacher to set-up a convenient time to meet.  Additionally, there are other resources for assistance.  Our math department has a calendar for each month (found on our website) for help Tuesday - Friday after school.  Also, student tutoring is available through our National Honor Society, Mr. Blair ([email protected]) is the sponsor of this organization.