Clubs & Organizations

Towson High School CLUBS and ORGANIZATIONS

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Anime Club

Ms. Needer

Asian Student Union
Mr. Cheung

 ASL Club

 Ms. Schwabaland

Best Buddies

Mr. Muneses

Black Student Union

 Ms. Ellis-Lee

Book Club

Ms. Waters

Brother to Brother

 Mr. Malloy
Chemistry Olympiad Club

 Mr. Biddison

 Choral Music
Mr. Jackson

Christian Fellowship

Mr. Biddison

 Class of 2023

 Ms. Wright , Ms Hancock

 Class of 2024

 Ms. McCusker, Mr. Carter
Class of 2025

 Ms. Monacelli, Ms. Kromsky
Class of 2026

 Ms. Moody, Ms. Carter


 Ms. Malafarina

Deca Club
Ms. Rudo

 Educators Rising

Ms. Nash

Environmental Club

Ms. Karsos

Fiber Arts Club

Ms. Taddeo

Finance Club
Ms. Monacelli

French National Honor Society

Ms. Seck

Gay/Straight Alliance

Ms. Russo, Ms. Lauver

Instrumental Music

Mr. Rhen/Mr. Olin

 Interact Club (Rotary)

Mr. Brotman

Journalism Club

Mr. Sun

Key Club

Mr. Olin

 Knit for Needy

 Ms. Fluharty

Latin National Honor Society

Mr. Buick

Ladies of Distinction
Ms. Raley


Ms. Hancock

Library Club

Mr. Ickes

Marching Band

Mr. Olin/Mr. Rhen/ Mr. Jackson

Math Honor Society

Mr. Heckle

Mock Trial Team

Mr. Sonneborn

Model Congress 

Ms. Kromsky, Mr. Faya

Model United Nations 

Mr. Bannon

Muslim Student Association

Mr. Alford

National Art Honor Society

Ms. Miller

National English Honor Society 

Ms. Flynn 

National Honor Society

Ms. Hne

National Science Honor Society

Mr. Jochmans, Mr. Biddison

One Love Club

Ms. Nash

Peer Helpers

Mr. Hobbs

 Percussion Coalition
Mr. Olin

 Red Cross Club
Mr. Biddison

Rho Kappa (Social Studies Honor Society)

Mr. Geilfuss

Robotics Club

Mr. Palumbi/ Mr. Ridge

S.A.D.D/ S.P.P.A.

Nurse Russo


Ms. Fluharty

Spanish National Honor Society

Mr. Meyers

Speech and Debate Club/Team

Ms. Needer

Student Athletes Leadership Team

Mr. Nash, Ms. Hanley, Ms. Karsos

Student Council (SGA)

Ms.Lambert, Mr. Olson

Tech Club/Stage Crew


Thespian Honor Society

Ms. Marks

Tri-M Music Honor Society

Mr. Olin

Tributary Club

Ms. McCusker

The Young Republicans

Ms. McShane

 The Towson Show 

 Mr. Palumbi

USA Bio-Olympiad
Ms. Drake