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As a Towson Student, I will:

  1. treat other people with respect and dignity.
  2. appreciate diversity.
  3. diligently pursue my education and respect other people's right to pursue their education.
  4. obey the rules of this school and conduct myself with honor and integrity.

In order to create a civil, respectful, positive, safe, and secure learning environment, I will:

  1. Follow the directions given by all staff members.
  2. Attend all classes daily on time unless lawfully excused.
  3. Turn off and secure all communication devices such as cell phones, ipods, CD players, or any wireless communication devices and store in my locker, automobile, or purse during school hours and while being transported on the school bus.
  4. Use appropriate language at all times.
  5. Speak in a respectful manner and tone at all times.
  6. Secure my backpack in my locker at the beginning of the day and retrieve at the end of the school day.
  7. Strive for a "C" or better in all my classes.
  8. Seek the assistance of my teachers by attending after-school help sessions when I need extra help.
  9. Be respectful to all members of the school community and follow all rules/regulations in the Student Behavior Handbook.
  10. Follow the school dress code. THS prohibits obscene dress, which disrupts the educational setting and is distracting to the learning environment. The wearing of transparent, see-through, bare-midriff, low cut clothing, strapless tops, tops with narrow straps, backless and halter tops, short shorts, short skirts, low riding pants, hats, bandannas, head wraps/head gear, spiked or studded bracelets, jewelry, wrist bands, and gloves are prohibited.
  11. Remove my hat, bandana, head wraps/head gear upon entering the school building and store in my locker at the start of the school day.
  12. Leave school promptly at 2:15 unless under the direct supervision of a staff member, tutor, or coach.



Approach on the Baltimore Beltway, I-695. Take Exit 26A and travel south on York Road (MD-45). After negotiating the traffic circle, continue south on York Road. When you see the Towson University campus, move to the left traffic lane.

Cedar Ave. entrance

Front Parking Lot (school office): Pass the traffic light at Aigburth Avenue then turn left onto Hillside Drive. Continue one block to the stop sign; drive straight ahead into the school parking lot.

Aigburth entrance
Rear Parking Lot (auditorium, gymnasium, athletic fields): Turn left at the Aigburth Avenue traffic light. Continue two blocks; turn right into the school parking lot.