National Honor Society

Candidate Information Process- Tips for Success

Please note that the submitted information packet forms, with your personal number, will provide the only information that the five (5) members of the NHS Faculty Council will know about you. The Council does not meet to discuss you, but only to review what is presented on the forms. You will want to present yourself in the best way possible. The following are some suggestions to present yourself in the most positive manner to the NHS Faculty Council:

• Use the grid space provided on the information packet to list your most relevant activities and awards, do not exceed the space listed. All items on the information packet must be from the Fall of your ninth grade year – present, items from elementary and middle school will not be counted.

• Be sure to read all directions very carefully. You are encouraged to have someone proofread your
information packet prior to submission to ensure that it is legible and is clear to understand. However, academic integrity is imperative, and the informational packet must be your personal work.

• Each information packet will be reviewed by the Faculty Council to determine your membership. Not all applicants will be invited to join the National Honor Society. If eligible, a student may apply again during the next school year.

As the NHS Faculty Council reviews the submitted forms, the various members will be looking for the following:
• Your depth of commitment to SERVICE, CHARACTER, AND LEADERSHIP in School and the Community
• Involvement in School & Community activities
• Maintaining a strong grade point average (GPA), all applicants have already met academic criteria to be invited. Having a 4.0 GPA does not have any more bearing for membership consideration than a 3.7 GPA.

• It is important to demonstrate both SERVICE and LEADERSHIP in the CURRENT school year including the summer prior to the start of this school year.

• Your Character will be evaluated by school faculty, not just members of the NHS Faculty Council. Your character during class demonstrates your ability to serve as a role model to your peers and should reflect excellent academic behavior as well as academic honesty.

• Be sure to complete the Personal Statement using proper sentence structure and grammar. Write based on your own experience. This essay should be written by you; however, you may have someone proofread it.

• Babysitting and tutoring for neighbors or family does not count as a volunteer activity. If this was part of an organization’s event, babysitting and tutoring will be accepted.

• Review your information packet before submitting to be sure that all sections are complete. Take time to NEATLY prepare the final copy.

• Your information packet will not be returned to you, make a copy if you feel this is necessary.

• BE SURE TO SUBMIT IN THE FORMS BEFORE THE DEADLINE!! Due date is April 22, 2022 at 2:20 PM. Late Information packets will not be accepted, no matter the excuse. Submitting your information packet early is recommended.