Senior Yearbook Sales

Senior Yearbooks:  
Yearbooks will be distributed fall 2020. Senior signing supplements will be given out during senior picnic. 

Yearbook sales: Order from  
* Seniors must select the shipping object in checkout when ordering their     yearbook

Yearbook prices- $70+ (buy early and save!)

Senior Quotes: 

  • Reflective of who you are as a person
  • Quotes will be reviewed by the yearbook staff
  • Cannot reference: questionable language, drugs and/or alcohol, sexual or violent content, allude negatively to the school, students, staff or faculty and administration,
  • The quote will be removed if it references anything above. You will not be notified and you will not be given the opportunity to choose another quote. A default quote will be provided for you.
  • If you fail to provide a quote by Friday December 20th, a default quote will be chosen for you

Senior Portraits: 

  • You must submit your portraits on for the yearbook by January 1st, or your picture will not be in the book