Medicine Policy

Eileen Hardesty, R. N.
Phone: (410) 583-1725

1.       A parent/guardian needs to bringthe medicines to school with a physican's order

2.      Any remaining medicine must bepicked up by the parent/guardian or it will be destroyed.

3.      Medicine must come in a pharmacyprepared labeled bottle.

4.      Over-the-counter medications haveto be accompanied by a physician's order.

5.      In the absence of a physician'sorder, a parent/guardian can come to school and administer the medication.

6.      Discretionary medicines: A smallsupply of over the counter medications is kept in the health suite. Theadministration of these medicines requires a signed parent/guardian.

7.      Medication orders may be faxed toTowson High School at 410-583-1375.

If you have any questions about this policy, please call Eileen Smith,R.N. at 410-583-1725.